Lettuce Tacos – Heal Something Good

Lettuce Tacos

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Leftover Beef or Chicken meat chunks
Large Leaf Lettuce, Iceberg or Romaine
Tomatoes, diced
Shredded Cheese
White Onion or Scallions, diced
Olive Oil or Ghee
1 tsp each Cumin, Coriander, Chipotle Chili Powder, Salt, Pepper

Saute onions in fat until soft 고화질 명화 다운로드. Add meat and spices. Stir.
Cover for 5 minutes to warm throughout. Stir. Add 1 tbl filtered water if needed. Cover for five more minutes.

Serve meat in large lettuce leaves and add toppings as desired 옥토버스카이 다운로드.