Healthy Energy Ideas – Heal Something Good

Healthy Energy Ideas

IMG_5954When we talk about our energy, we’re really talking about two kinds of energy that are closely related: Physical and Polarity. Physical energy is informed by our polarity and vice versa. It’s always a good idea to address both kinds if we run into issues.

When your polarity is reversed, it means your energy meridians are running the wrong way. You have a north and south orientation just like a magnet and when you’re trying to do muscle testing or make lasting improvements to your health, reversed answers can be confusing or damaging. Plus, living in a continued reversed state brings on confusion, cloudy thinking, poor judgement, and uncoordinated and disorganized living. If you use a phrase like, “Things aren’t going like they are supposed to,” very often and feel sorry for yourself or have bouts of anger, this might be you. People who live in the space of “un-fair” and non-positive energy find themselves ill more often and even when they try to change, they can have a self-sabotaging thinking pattern underneath that will undo all their hard work.

Polarity can be contagious through the proximity of electromagnetic fields. You can be influenced by the magnetic field of others. If you spend a lot of time with someone who is ill or depressed, you need to take care to keep checking and fixing your polarity.

To improve your thinking, to feel calm and grounded, to increase your energy levels, to sleep better, to improve your hormonal activity and all-over health, to improve your outlook on life and get more in touch with your authentic self – you need to fix your polarity and have your energy running in the right direction.


Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.
-You need water for all the physical processes in your body.
-Add some essential oils like peppermint and lemon.

Don’t skip meals.
-Consider smaller meals more often.
-Make sure breakfast and snacks include protein, good fat, and are low sugar (including simple carbs because they turn into sugar).

Check your Vitamins and Minerals.
-You need sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and chloride salts to help support the 300 electrical processes your body does everyday.
-In particular, magnesium helps your body break down glucose into energy. Increase your intake to help your body not work so hard to get energy from food. Eat more fish (halibut, mackerel), soaked nuts and seeds, bananas (also have potassium), soaked/sprouted organic lentils, spinach, avocados, and dark chocolate.

-A 10-min walk = 2 hours or oxygenation.
-Deep breathing exercises.

Reduce stress.
-Take a short nap.
-Feel your feelings.

Eat a snack.
-Green Tea (If you must you have coffee, add coconut oil or full-fat milk.)
-Eat a spicy and/or fermented veggie.
-Red peppers and hummus, if you can digest them.
-Make a green smoothie.

Support your thyroid, liver and endocrine system.
-They are doing lots of hard work for you. Support them as much as you can with your food choices, hydrating, essential oils and positive thinking.

-Create a soothing place to sleep, free of electromagnetic sources.
-Go to bed in time to have a full 8 hours if that’s what you need.
-Shut off electronics, movies etc about 30-45 minutes before you lay down to give your body a chance to rid itself of the lingering energy.

Target your Chakras
-Do some meditation to clear your own energy field.
-Get to know your chakras (p.182) and learn to feel when they are stuck.
-Seek the help of an energy healer.
-Use color therapy.


Energy flow:

Thump your Thymus
-Breathe deeply for about 30 seconds while using your fist to thump on your sternum directly over your thymus.

Thump your Collarbone
-Find the soft indentations right below your collarbone (kidney meridian K27) and use both hands to thump over the points.
-Massage the points for a few moments for extra energy flow.

Thump your Spleen/Lymph
-Place your fingers about 1 inch below each breast and 1 inch towards your sides, (closer to under your arm).
-Thump and massage the tender points.
-Variation: Do each side separately while you hold your navel with the other hand.

-Tap the top of your head with the palm of your hand. (Yang – sends energy down.)
-Slap a few times about 3 inches above where each wrist bends on the inside of your arms. (Yin – sends energy upwards.)
-Slap a few times about 4 inches above each ankle on the inside of your legs. (Yin – sends energy upwards.
-Repeat head.

Correct reversed polarity:

Test For Polarity 
-Stand straight, feet shoulder width apart.
-Bend knees slightly.
-Place your non-dominate hand right above the top of your head, palm down.
-Feel the direction your body rocks – forward or backward.
-Flip your hand the other direction, palm up.
-Feel the direction your body rocks.
-Palm up should rock you backward and palm down should rock you forward. If you got anything other than that, you need to do some energy correction.

Belly Button Correction (BBC) (Get flowing the right direction.)
-Take one hand and press fingers together, then press them on your navel
-Take the other hand, hold out your index finger and rub under your nose/above top lip for about 10 seconds
-Move your index finger to your lower lip and rub for another 10 seconds.
-Move your index finger away from your face, extend your thumb and place your hand over your collarbone points. Massage points for 10 seconds.
-Move your hand away from your collarbone and place it on your tailbone. Massage for 10 seconds.
-Switch hands and repeat.

Cross Crawl (Get flowing the right direction.)
-March in place, bringing each knee about waist high.
-Use apposing hand to cross over and tap the top of each knee as it raises.
-Swing your other arm behind you and place hand on your tailbone and tap.
-Continue for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Cook’s Hook-Up (Calm down, get centered, get energy running smoothly.)
-Sit in a chair or lie down.
-Cross left ankle over right.
-Stretch your arms straight in front of you, hands back to back.
-Cross right hand over left at wrists.
-Interlock fingers together.
-Fold arms up towards your heart and rest clasped hands comfortably on your chest.
-Inhale slowly via nose – place tongue on the roof of your mouth.
-Exhale slowly via mouth – keep tongue down.
-Continue for about a minute or two.
-Unfold gently and slowly. If you are currently giving your liver extra support, be especially sure to rise slowly to avoid getting light-headed.