Meditation Technique – Catch & Release – Heal Something Good

Meditation Technique – Catch & Release

Lie down in a comfortable position, your right arm positioned so your right hand is resting on or near your heart. Your left arm positioned so your left hand is resting on your forehead.

I’m going to suggest some visualization movements for your body during this session but I mean for you to do them with your emotional and spiritual bodies while your physical bodies stay in the position you’re in now.

Take a cleansing breath in – bring in healing.
Exhale your breath – love into the room.
Inhale – love.
Exhale – safety and healing.

Feel the place where your fingers are laying on your chest. Feel the pressure of your finger tips on your chest and help that pressure open tiny portals into your chest that allow all the worries and troubles and anxiety you’re keeping in your chest out. Gently those worries flow out, but not too far, not out of sight, still within reach, but gently, gently, flowing out of your chest and in the air around you.

When that feels complete, take a white healing light to the tips of your fingers and close those pressure points up, healing your chest closed again.

Bring your attention to your forehead. Feel the weight of your fingertips and allow them to open small portals for all the worries and tensions you’ve been storing in there to escape. Watch them gently release to the air around you, not too far, still within reach, until that feels complete.

Take a white healing light to the tips of your fingers and close those pressure points up, healing your forehead closed again.

Take a look around you at the worries and anxieties that are no longer inside you where they can cause you illness or pain. Gently catch one and name it. Own it without judgment, become accountable for what that feeling is. Use your hands to make it smaller and smaller until it’s a beautiful bubble. Then release it. Blow it away.

Look around and find another worry you’ve been hanging on to. Gently catch it. Name it. Own it. Make it small. A beautiful bubble. Release it. Blow it away. All those beautiful bubbles. Thank you for the opportunity for growth.

Check one more time around you. If you see many more worries and anxieties, gently gather them all together, say them all by name, make them bubbles and send them on their way.

Now our bodies are clear and open and ready. Our hearts are ready to be written. Listen to what words come forward for you today and take a marker or beautiful paint colors and write the story of who you are today right across your heart. Beautiful words. Healthy words. Strong words. Confident words.

When you’re done writing who you are, take a picture of what you’ve written and hang that picture on your sleeve or around your neck on a pendant so you can see it and feel it all day.

Find a color that feels healing for you today. The best color for you. Place a ball of that color in the center of your chest. Make it a sun and feel it get larger and brighter until it fills your entire chest leaving no area unlit.

Feel that light travel down to your legs, past your knees, down to your feet and through your toes.

Feel that light travel over your shoulders, down your arms, past your elbows, through your hands and shoot out your fingertips.

Feel that healing light travel up your neck, up your head until it comes out the top and creates a crown above your head.

You are a beautiful ball of healing light. A beautiful sun of color.

Feel your feet. Put your feet on Mother Earth. Feel the warmth of Mother Earth under your feet. Shoot some healing energy straight from your feet into her and feel Her thank you.

You may be on a beach and can feel the warm sand. You may be on some grass in your own backyard. You may have your feet in freshly tilled earth. Feel the gravity of the earth pull and hold you in place. You are balanced. You are refreshed.

Take a deep breath in – healing and life and love.
Exhale – balance and love and appreciation for the earth.

Open your eyes when you’re ready and get up slowly.