Overall Body Support Checklist – Heal Something Good

Overall Body Support Checklist

1. Hydrate
I hydrate with filtered water on a regular basis.
I check the color of my urine for warning signs.
My body is able to lightly sweat with no headache.
I am aware of my electrolyte needs.

2. Food
I am providing the nutrients my body needs.
I have removed foods my body cannot digest.
I keep/kept a food diary to track progress.
I understand what my body is asking for when it craves something.
I eat enough fat.
I eat enough protein.
I am able to get the nutrients out of my food.
I have incorporated probiotic and fermented foods in my diet.
I take appropriate supplements when necessary.

3. Positive Thinking
I am careful with my language to and about myself.
I strive to be kind to myself and others.
I am complimenting and thanking my body and mind daily for all the work they are doing.
I visualize my body getting well.
I try to tap into my own Placebo Effect.
I am careful to steer unhelpful thinking towards affirmations and afformmations.
I smile at myself in the mirror and say, “I love you.”
I have found things I truly love about myself.

4. Rest
I take siestas and breaks at regular intervals.
I am sleeping well at night.
I wake feeling well-rested.
I check my Body-Clock for solutions to issues.
I exert and oxygenate my body to an appropriate level.
I do deep breathing and meditation.

5. Energy
My body feels safe.
I protect myself from people, places and things that only drain my energy supply.
I check my polarity daily and make corrections when needed.
I feel able to say no to requests I intuitively feel are beyond what I have to give right now.
I practice and use muscle testing to help me heal faster and more completely.

6. Detoxing
All my exits are open and ready to evacuate toxins.
I am doing appropriate detoxing on a regular basis.
I have stopped adding all external toxins when possible.
I research and support my body systems that need extra care.
I drink essential oils in water daily to improve my health and support my body systems.
I take appropriate supplements when necessary.
I am detoxing emotionally on a regular basis with healing modalities and oils.
I practice feeling my feelings so they don’t get stuck.

7. Perseverance and Patience
I have been taking great care of my body for long enough that it believes me.
I use my oils and other support tools daily.
I have been reminding myself that I’m changing my life, not just “doing a diet.”
I have found and practice doing what I feel passionate about in my life.
I remind myself that I’m doing great every, single day and that I’m doing exactly what I’m supposed to be doing.
I frequently try out the phrase, “Getting well is easier and going faster than I ever imagined.”