Worksheet – Limiting Beliefs – Heal Something Good

Worksheet – Limiting Beliefs

I recommend that you do this work in a notebook you can rip the pages out of and throw away. You don’t want to hang on to those limiting beliefs any longer than necessary.

Take these phrases, one at a time, and write them at the top of a blank notebook page. And then keep writing and writing until you’ve got nothing left to write about it. You’ll start to see some patterns emerging. Circle things that jump out at you.

When you find non-positive limiting beliefs, see if you can rephrase it as an afformmation and try that on for a while. Then, switch it to an affirmation and see if it sticks.

I’ll never earn enough money because women shouldn’t be making more than their husbands.
How am I able to earn the money I want and need plus more?
I welcome abundance with my earning potential.

You might need to work on this more than once and you may need to work on the same limiting belief more than once. That’s perfectly normal. Be patient with yourself. You’ve carried these around for a long time. Giving them up can sometimes be challenging.

I can’t / I’m not / I’ll never because __________________________________

I can / I am / I will because _______________________________________

The worst thing that can happen is / will be ________________________________________________

The best thing that can happen is / will be _______________________________

I am ___________________________

I’m thankful for _________________________________________

Something that happened today was __________________________________