Chart – Biological Body Clock – Heal Something Good

Chart – Biological Body Clock

If you frequently find yourself having pains in the same areas day after day or you’re waking during the night around the same time night after night, work on supporting those organs. Also consider working on anything that comes up for you in the Issues column that might be associated with those body processes.

3am-5am Lungs Breathing Grief, Sadness
5am-7am Large Intestine Awaken, Elimination Guilt, Defensiveness, Stuck
7am-9am Stomach Eating Disgust, Despair
9am-11am Pancreas/Spleen Working, Clarity Jealousy, Worry, Low Self-esteem
11am-1pm Heart Meetings, Social, Joy Intense Sadness
1pm-3pm Small Intestine Sorting, Organizing Insecure, Vulnerable, Abandoned
3pm-5pm Bladder Sleepy, Restore yourself Irritation, Timid
5pm-7pm Kidney Driving, Energetic Fear, Terror
7pm-9pm Pericardium Reproductive organs, and Social Brain activity (Pituitary & Hypothalamus), Socializing, Romantic relationships Unresponsive, Hurt, Inability to express emotions, Depleted
9pm-11pm Triple Warmer (Blood vessels, Arteries) Metabolism (Thyroid & Adrenals), Energy Transfer, Regulates Temperature Relaxing, Hopelessness, Confusion, Paranoia
11pm-1am Gall Bladder Sleeping, Regenerating Bitterness, Resentment
1am-3am Liver Deep Resting, Dreaming Anger, Frustration, Rage