Technique – 3-Min Breathing Exercise – Heal Something Good

Technique – 3-Min Breathing Exercise

Get comfortable.
-If you’re at a desk, adjust your body so you don’t feel pressure on joints, bones or organs.
-If you have the option of laying down, support your knees so they are slightly bent and your neck with a small pillow. (Or a soft sweater or whatever is handy!)

Let your mind clear.
-As thoughts come up and ask for attention, acknowledge them and let them pass. I do this by simply naming them (without judgement) and blowing them away.
-Example, if I catch myself thinking about the brakes that might need new brake pads, I say, “I’m thinking about if I need new brake pads,” and then I visualize blowing it away on the breeze.

Use affirmations and afformmations.
-Speak truth to yourself. Decide what is the most helpful and true thing you need to hear right now and tell it to yourself as you breath in and out.

Breathe in.
-As you slowly inhale for a few beats, imagine health and wellness coming into your lungs, reaching every part of your lungs and then heading out to your body. I inhale healing energy with every breath.

Breathe out.
-As you slowly breathe out, imagine how you’re making room for all the health and wellness that’s filling you up. Thank your body for doing such a good job. I exhale love and kindness to the world and every living thing.

-Continue for the allotted time.
-When you’re done, tell yourself you love yourself.

-If you are laying down, get up slowly, especially if you are in the process of supporting your liver.
-If you journal, (and I hope you do!) take a moment to jot down any thoughts or feelings that surfaced.