Being “ISH” – Heal Something Good

Being “ISH”

DONE IMG_3969Because you are reading this, I imagine you have been in and out of many a doctor’s office and it’s possible your own Diagnosis Dance Card is getting pretty full. Twinsies!

Of the many things I’ve heard over the years from doctors, “Your numbers put you in the “ish” category for that diagnosis,” is in the top 10. Raise your hand if you’ve heard that one before. Everyone? Thought so.

It can be frustrating to hear. You just want to know what’s causing your discomfort! You’re in pain! What’s going on here! Just give me a name, Doc! To hear that you’re “only ish” can be disheartening.

Well, take heart! Being Ish is great. It means your body has not fully manifested any one disease to the point that a doctor’s testing methods will pick it up and categorize it as such. That’s great! Good job, body!

You’ve got a wonderful opportunity to see what you can do on your own to heal waiting right in front of you. Try to work through your need for validation from the medical field. Try to release the need to have the doctor tell you, “Yes, I see you hurting and here’s the name of it.” It’s powerful, that need, after years of hurting and waiting and searching for answers. And it can feel incredibly validating to hear a medical professional tell you that yes, indeed, you do have something very serious and here are some powerful drugs to take for it.

But, imagine your next few years healing in ways you control, taking your power back in your own hands, instead of searching for definitive answers that might never come and giving that power away to others. You can do that. It’s a choice.

Keep in mind that doctors are working with the information they have at the time and what they are telling you could change. I’m sure you’re familiar with hearing how a new study just came out and now here’s the *real* way we should be doing things. Or maybe the study results were misread in the the first place. Or fudged to make a point or further someone’s career.

A drug they are giving you, that is deemed safe for consumption with approved side-effects today, might very well be taken off the market in two years after more human studies are done. It’s imperative that you use your intuition and be your own advocate.

If there is a powerful drug you choose to take, realize that comes with the downside of putting your system out of balance in other ways and be proactive in heading off issues as much as possible before they start. Support your body in detoxing on a regular basis. Put in beneficial foods. Be aware you’ll need more rest and sleep. Use additional oils and supplements to offset the imbalances, take good care of yourself and don’t take the situation lightly.

Essential oils can be used in conjunction with doctor prescribed medications because they don’t interfere with cell receptor sites. Synthetic medications are built and engineered to go in and take over your cells in a specific way. Essential oils can simply go through cell walls and help your cells get stronger. Consider making sure essential oils are as much a part of your regimen as the synthetic ones.

There is no “wrong” or “right” in this. There is simply science, molecules and energy. There’s no shame in taking doctor prescribed medications and if that’s your choice I hope you tell your body what a great job it’s doing using them to heal while you visualize your cells improving. Your body has an incredible ability to heal when you support it in doing so with a strong belief that you will, in fact, actually heal.

Your body and mind make up the whole of your person. You can’t separate them and get lasting healing in either place. What you think, feel, express and believe takes a toll on or promotes healing in your physical body. Overall mind/body healing support is what our goal is because it’s the only real and lasting healing anyway.

Try Something Good

The affirmation of, “I’m increasing in health and wellness every day,” can be more true today that it was yesterday if you believe it. Put up a reminder note and say it to yourself every time you wash your hands while you make eye contact with yourself in the mirror.