Polarity – Heal Something Good


IMG_5863If you’re getting stuck in the non-positive and can’t get your Happy jumpstarted, you may have your polarity crossed. What the heck does that mean?

Our bodies are created in such a way that energy runs through it and it’s possible to have it running backwards. Instead of naturally being drawn to the positive and happy and good things in life, a person finds themselves being drawn to the not so happy and feeling argumentative and sulky and antagonistic and possibly rage-y. And getting off on it despite their better judgement.

You’ve met them, those unhappy people that always seem to being looking for and pointing out what’s wrong with every situation and person that is not them. You may have met them in the comments section of a post online (we affectionately call them trolls) or it might be your neighbor who is always complaining about the littlest things and you wonder, “Why don’t they get a life?”

Well, they have a life and it’s non-positive. Their polarity is probably switched and they feel unsettled, confused, disorganized, clumsy, probably tired and sick and pretty unhappy in general. Their batteries are in backwards.

Energy follows thought, or, “As we think, so we become,” (Budda) and if we’re thinking in a non-positive way, we feel it. Correct flow and balance of energy in the human body is the foundation of good health. When our energy is unbalanced, blocked or crossed we experience discomfort, pain and disease.

Polarity therapy is based in the Indian system of Ayurveda, Science of Life, which is 6,000 years old. We have five elements or energies of life – Fire (head), Ether (throat), Air (thorax), Earth (abdomen), Water (pelvis). These chakras have five different energy currents flowing from them that form two circuits flowing in opposite directions. This creates a double helix, kinda like DNA. The entire spiral is called the East-West Current, or Yin and Yang and sometimes called Masculine and Feminine.

Yang is thought to be based on will, force, power, sense of direction, masculinity, determination, war-like temperament and biological father. Yin is thought to be based on experience, emotion, sensibility, intuition, femininity, thoughtful passiveness, ability to let go and biological mother.

A human body is exposed to electric and magnetic fields all the live-long day from the generation and transmission of electricity, appliances, industrial equipment, and broadcasting and telecommunication towers.

The chemical reactions in our body feed the electrical currents we have during regular, normal bodily functions. Our nerves transmit electric impulses via relay signals. Digestion and brain activities are biochemical reactions, a rearrangement of charged particles. And our heart, especially, is electrically active.

That’s a lot of electrical activity around you and in you and sometimes glitches occur. When you get energetically crossed or stuck or backwards, you could be actually getting energized from the drama and the non-positive. You may be creating it against your own conscious wishes.

The reason we care about this is because people with reversed polarity are generally unable to heal or make lasting changes for themselves. They self-sabotage with their thoughts and then actions even when the try not to because they feel undeserving of positive things in their life on a very deep level and make the same mistakes over and over again.

The solution is to charge your batteries correctly. Start with telling yourself, “My polarity is 100%.” Then do a simple polarity exercise. Also – Hydrate and mineralize. Go down the Body Support Checklist and work on your limiting beliefs.

If you are chronically ill, please check your polarity often, like a few times a day at first, until you really know and feel what it is to be going in the right direction. If you don’t, you’ll be working 10 times as hard to get well and reap much less reward for your efforts.

With your polarity running correctly, you can muscle test for yourself much easier and correctly.

So. Now assuming you’ve decided to try some of these new things we’ve been talking about, every day you’re doing something to get in touch with your energy and feelings. You’re doing yoga or Tai Chi. You’re going to see a healer on a regular basis. You’re only putting things in your body that your body energetically agrees it wants.

And on the days you aren’t doing yoga, Tai Chi, or seeing a healer, you are going for short walks or swims when it’s not too hot, and moving your body and breathing, noticing your breath, and feelings. Noticing your thoughts, how your chest feels and your heart and your muscles. If you are sad or happy or mad or contemplative. You are noticing these things, not judging them. They aren’t good or bad, they just are.

And you are ok just the way you are, right now this very minute. It’s ok to feel joy even if everything isn’t perfect yet.

Do Something Good

Touch the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth a few times in a row while crossing your legs one way and then the other and then back again. In your head say – “I’m 100% energy correct with all circuits in the clear.” This takes about 10 seconds and works for me every time, even on public transportation!