Steak, Medium Rare – Heal Something Good

Steak, Medium Rare

1 8-10 oz organic steak from grass-fed cows
Coconut Aminos
Real Salt & Fresh Cracked Pepper

Rinse steak and pat dry without baidu program.
Place on plate. Poke holes with large-tined fork on both sides.
Drizzle Coconut Aminos on side 1, top with salt and pepper.
Turn steak over and repeat for side 2 Family download.
Let sit on plate and come to room temp, about an hour, turning over a few times so the Aminos soak in on both sides.
Bring well-seasoned cast-iron frying pan to high heat 아이폰 무료 벨소리 다운로드. Melt 1 tbl ghee and add steak.
Let 1/2” steak cook 3 minutes each side, 1” steak cook 5 minutes each side.
Right before turning, use a knife to spread 1 tbl ghee on top (soon to be bottom) of steak Download Corel Painter Essentials 6.
When you turn the steak to side 2, turn the heat down to medium heat and cover pan partly with lid, well-vented.
Remove from heat and place on cooling board for 5 minutes to let juices redistribute before slicing 노래 naver 다운로드.