Fermenting – Heal Something Good

Fermented Yogurt

Half gal Organic Whole Milk, (not homogenized is better, not ultra-pasteurized) 1 sm Organic Yogurt Container w/Live Cultures Opt. – Vanilla Bean Place the milk in a crockpot set to high and wait for 1 hour. Temp should be about 180F. Turn the crockpot off and let the milk sit for 1 hour. Temp should… Continue reading Fermented Yogurt

Fermented Veg

Cucumbers or other Veg 1 qt filtered water to 6 tbl Himalayan Sea Salt, Dissolved Bunch of Fresh Dill Garlic Coriander Seeds Peppercorns Bay Leaf Other spices or herbs as desired. Place garlic and spices in each jar. Clean the cukes well. Pack them tightly in glass jars to about 1” below rim. Cover with… Continue reading Fermented Veg