Fermented Veg – Heal Something Good

Fermented Veg

Cucumbers or other Veg
1 qt filtered water to 6 tbl Himalayan Sea Salt, Dissolved
Bunch of Fresh Dill
Coriander Seeds
Bay Leaf
Other spices or herbs as desired.

Place garlic and spices in each jar.
Clean the cukes well. Pack them tightly in glass jars to about 1” below rim.
Cover with salt water: 1 1/2 cups per glass jar.
Add more filtered water to top off each jar if needed to make sure everything is submerged.
Put on lids and gently swish to combine everything.
Ignore for the next 3-5 days except for religiously releasing the built-up air pressure once per day and making sure everything is still submerged.
When they taste done, put them in the fridge where they’ll stay good for weeks.
Pink mold = equals bad news. Toss it.
White or grey mold = normal fermentation. Remove it and keep on fermenting.
The jars should smell good, not bad to your news.