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Praise for Leoh’s Work

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Through our private work together, [Leoh] has supported me in uncovering layers of old patterns and beliefs that do not serve me anymore. In each session, he creates a safe space to shine light on the dark shadows that have been hidden away for so long and helps welcome in deeper levels of self-love, acceptance, and inner strength that I never knew existed. I appreciate Leoh for their compassion, intuitive guidance, and genuine desire to be of service. ~K.A

It has been such a beautiful experience, uncovering bits of me that I did not know I had; protections and layers that I did not know I had built. Leoh has taught me how to be self aware, soothe my anxieties and fears, recognize my emotions and where they may be stuck. Every time I walk out of her office, I’m lighter, more myself,and more resolute in taking the next steps in my story. I want everyone I know to experience Leoh, her love, and her touch. She is amazing. ~A.E.

Leoh draws on her vast experience and creates a positive, proactive regimen to help her clients reach their own untapped potential. A powerhouse. ~N.R.

I have learned so much from working with Leoh and he’s also helped me uncover and reinforce things I already knew that I didn’t quite know I knew. He’s an incredibly gifted teacher and listener. He hears what I’m saying even when I have trouble finding the words to say it. I sleep better, work smarter, play more joyfully, and love with more tenderness and appreciation. ~J.M.

The value I place on these experiences [with Leoh] is beyond measure! I see the world through a more enlightened and brighter perspective. I use [their] methods to support my experience of the process and proceed with love. This means improving the quality of care I give my accupuncture patients. As a wife, this means having a better relationship with my husband. The peace of mind I experience daily has grown enormously. ~G.S.

Leoh is unique and special as a health care advocate because she has lived the healing she is promoting. The uncommon wisdom she has come to understand through actual experience imbues her offerings with something extra. I hope you have the opportunity to work with her and make her valuable healing experiences your own. ~S.R.