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Short Version: I wrote a book about being ill most of my life and then getting well. I self-published it (You can buy it here and here.) and when it came time to do a revision, I decided to put it all on this website and make it available to everyone for free. There are charts on this website that are not in the original version, as well as a few new chapters. They make good companions if you’re the type of person that likes a hard copy as well as having it available on your devices. Looking for the Media Kit? Here you go.

Here’s a third-person variation:

Leah PetersonLeah Peterson is a Health & Wellness Mentor, published author, photographer, crafter, and is learning to play the tenor guitar. An avid and passionate mental health advocate, she was asked by Diablo Cody to be a consultant on the television series, United States of Tara, starring Toni Collette as a woman living with DID.

Leah specializes in working with people like her:

<3 ~ Probably emotionally, physically, and/or mentally unique with a combined set of illnesses.
<3 ~ Possibly chronically ill at some point in their past, or experiencing a chronically ill life now, or are moving in that direction against their will.
<3 ~ Maybe Highly Sensitive and in need of a simple yet comprehensive approach to healing.
<3 ~ Probably highly creative in one or more ways.
<3 ~ Wanting to move forward with their lives and grow through this challenge and into the next wonderful chapter of their lives.

Leah uses a diverse set of skills to help you get in tune with your inner strengths including energy work, muscle testing, the mind/body connection, essential oils and other support tools, lifestyle and food changes, and emotional release work.

Leah lives in San Diego, California and does in-person work with clients there. She also meets with clients from their location via the magic of Skype. Find out more here. Leah does weekend workshops and weekly courses. Invite her to come and speak to your group! Please get in touch here.

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